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Collaborate with Scorpion Doha to ensure that your heavy goods are well-taken care of and your business functions smoothly always.Hassle free Road, Air, and Sea Freight Services undertaken for both Direct as well as Consolidated shipments.Avail Dedicated. Industry-Wide shipping and relocation services by our team of skilled employees. Round the Clock Warehousing with all amenities offered at discounted prices.

Who We Are

Welcome to Scorpion Brand and Technology. We offer Industry Specific Logistics and Warehousing Services at Doha. By combining trained professionals and advanced technology, Scorpion strives to provide quality Distribution and Storage facilities across all Industry sectors. Customer requirements are met with utmost precision and high-quality standards are maintained in all our endeavours. Scorpion Doha undertakes supervised freight forwarding and shipping to lighten Clients’ burden when it comes to Logistics.

Our team works with premium-grade technology to cater to individual client needs while taking undue care in transportation of goods across locations. Scorpion Clients are well-acquainted with the perfection with which we run operations and our regular quality checks enable us to seamlessly adapt to client needs.

Our History